Angel: Grace

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  1. Hi Esther!

    I love your Angel graphics – and wonder if you would like some free advertising in exchange for using one or two of your Angel’s to illustrate one of the branches of global ARK projects:
    The Ark Angels Organisation – concept website started at

    “WE” will be loading all the best Eco-Ethical sustainable & non-profit solutions we know, at “Wiser Earth” organisation’s Wiki pages.

    Also got the blank white sides of an 11 ton exhibition lorry – which will be used for Eco-Festivals & other exhibitions.

    If you’re interested, it would be really great to talk..!!

    P.S. You wouldn’t happen to be my friend Claire’s daughter would you…?

    Best Wishes,
    Linda Beamish.
    Moderator UK Eco-Village Network
    (Founder of ARK Angels & Global ARK Projects)

  2. Thanks for your interest!!! Sounds awesome!!!!! I’m totally interested! What do we do next?


  3. Hi!!! Sorry it has taken soooo long to get back to you but your idea sounds FANTASTIC!!! We need to talk! No don’t think my mom’s name is Claire (lol) I’m in the States so there is a bit of a time gap. My phone is 253-569-2526 Hope we can connect!


    Esther M. Smith
    E.M. Smith Art
    Auburn, WA 98001

  4. Hi! Im a boy from scandinavia and i wonder if yoy have the full picture? This would be the tattoo ive been searching for!!

  5. Hi Boy From Scandinavia! That would be cool, however, that IS the full image, but you could modify it with a frame or clouds, maybe? Keep me posted-Esther

  6. Esther, you know how much I love GRACE. She is hanging in my bedroom, close to MY side of the bed so that when I rise in the morning, she is the first thing that I see and she reminds me of the blessings that I have. Thank you so much for making her available to me, after chasing her down for so many years. You are an exceptional artist. I wish I understood “art” better, as in the recent purchase that you made to hang in YOUR bedroom. Smiles.

  7. Hee hee hee, if you had seen the originals and how sensuous the pastels laid upon the rich paper, you would’ve TOTALLY gotten it! *smiles and hugs* Also, see, this type of art is soooooo difficult for me to do…I appreciate that. ;-D

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