Archangels: Cassiel

Archangels: Cassiel Pencil drawing

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  1. Karim Cooper says:

    Why does this Angel look like Brad Pitt? Aren’t there angels who look like Jack Black?

  2. Haa haa, that’s just how that angel appeared to me-non that look like Jack Black have come thru me yet! ;-D I would be ecstatic to work out something with your organization!!! Where abouts are you located again? This sounds like it could be a marvelous project! Details?

    Esther Smith
    253 569 2526

  3. Elizabeth Shay says:

    Hello, I have just started a foray into the world of writing and was wondering if I could use your image for a preview. I will give proper credit of course and it will likely not go into a final product, but only be used to give people an idea of what I’m trying to show.


  4. Hi Elizabeth,

    Sorry it has taken so long to reply, been busy prepping for an up coming art show! Sure, I grant you permission to use that image. Please refer them to my site should they wish to purchase or contact me about anything!

    Thanks again!


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