Guinevere & Lancelot

Guinevere & Lancelot, a pencil drawing by Esther Morrison Smith

Guinevere & Lancelot

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  1. Michael Gentry says:

    I owned a copy of Guinevere & Lancelot, I was inquiring where I could obtain another copy. Through my own fault I lost mine and wanted to get another one.

    Thank You,
    Michael Gentry

  2. Hi Michael! I have just a few of these lovely prints left! I can send you one-the cost is $100 which includes shipping! Just contact me at and we can firm up your order! Thnaks! Esther

  3. john arsenault says:

    my question was to be whether this is still available as a print; then i saw the date and price listed above, and the remark about only a few being left concerned me.

    Fingers crossed for luck, but expecting the worst in your reply.


    John Arsenault

  4. john arsenault says:

    quite taken with this print, but concerned that i see the words only a few left and dated June of 2012. Please send me word- be it good or bad-on the current availibility of this lovely image. hope to hear from you soon.

  5. Hi John- I do have some left – $100 includes shipping! Cheers!

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