Ciscoe Morris!

Ciscoe Morris (, local tv gardening celeb, came into my booth several times a few art shows ago and really admired my “5 Amigos” tree painting. I still have the painting so on a whim I took a pic and emailed it to Ciscoe inviting him to come down and visit at the Fremont Festival this weekend, never expecting anything. WOW, was I surprised to find his reply in my inbox! He still likes the painting and might just have to come and see me! (He also advised to me to eat my Brussels Sprouts!) I added the image to my site, whaddya think? See ya at the Fremont Festival this weekend, June 16 & 17!

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  1. Well, Ciscoe lost out on the painting-but it did find a new home! Next time Ciscoe!

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