Esther Morrison Smith

Esther Morrison Smith continues to grow, push her boundaries and expand her repertoire as an artist.

As a youth, Esther took up drawing as a way to express her love of music and musicians. A natural artist, she drew the faces of her musical idols, which led to recognition from some of these musicians and her friends, which further encouraged her to keep drawing and learning, which eventually led her to where she is today.

In her early career Esther gained a reputation as a consummate pencil artist. With a college emphasis and interest in anthropology, she went through a period of her carreer drawing Native American scenes. Later, her series of pencil drawings, “The Great Lovers From

Esther's Display At A Recent Show

History and Literature” was a huge success among collectors and in shows throughout California. A few of these images are still available in a very limited number of prints.

Esther left California in 1999 and relocated to the Seattle area to assist her aging parents. Initially she took a break from art to relocate, establish herself in her new home and “reset” her artistic goals.

The draw of art was too strong, and she dove back in with renewed enthusiasm and abandon. Her current work with strong colors, fast strokes, energy and positive enthusiasm reflects her philosophy, which is “life if to live; throw yourself into what you love and miracles happen.”

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