Getting ready for Salmon Days Festival in a couple of weeks-working on some birdie paintings. This one is a collage inspired piece. Actually, I was wanting to paint a nice crow and when I did, I thought, huh, a big black boring bird. So….I started peeling paint off my palette and dressing up my bird-well, I just couldn’t stop! (ooops, my husband was showing a pic of this bird to his van pool mates..yep…

Can you really have too much bedazzle? I think not.


New Artist Alert!

I was contacted the other day by a young artist, Richard Brook, who asked if he could use my work as his inspiration for an art project at school. Well, I was flabbergasted! Of course I said yes, but only if he would share his finished project with me. I was so impressed that I wanted to share this budding talent with you! So give a shout out to Richard Brooks, artist!

Well done Richard!

Salmon Days Show here I come!

So getting ready for the last show an the schedule-hope our wonderful Indian summer weather continues!

Packing my paints for Walla Walla!

Heading to Walla Walla this weekend-and hope to do some Plein are painting-and to bask in some warm SUNNY weather-stay tuned for some Coulee paintings and more beautiful trees!

Ciscoe Morris!

Ciscoe Morris (, local tv gardening celeb, came into my booth several times a few art shows ago and really admired my “5 Amigos” tree painting. I still have the painting so on a whim I took a pic and emailed it to Ciscoe inviting him to come down and visit at the Fremont Festival this weekend, never expecting anything. WOW, was I surprised to find his reply in my inbox! He still likes the painting and might just have to come and see me! (He also advised to me to eat my Brussels Sprouts!) I added the image to my site, whaddya think? See ya at the Fremont Festival this weekend, June 16 & 17!

Fremont Fair

Fremont Fair, June 16 & 17 2012, will be my next gig-featuring my expressionist side. If you are in the Seattle area, this is a fun event to attend-and of course I’LL be there! Come and meet me-I’d love to chat with you! If you mention that you read about me on my blog, you’ll get an extra 10% off any purchase!!! Just let me know! See ya there!!!

Pencils await!

Angels of the month await in my pencils! Unpacking will have to be postponed until this evening! Heading up to the studio to work on my NEW Angels of the month series-Uriel is in the works for Libra. Muriel is completed, see my site. I pick the month to draw by throwing a calender in the air and the month that shows is the one I start on. I let the angels choose for me-and so far, they’ve done a good job!

EMSmith enjoys Robert Burridge gallery opening!

All I can say is OH MY! Robert Burridges “Impure Thoughts” gallery opening was a smashing success! So mind blowingly sensual and exhilarating! And my big take away is I WANT PAPER THAT BIG!!!  I bought his card set which I plan to frame and hang in the bedroom…near the bed….wink wink!

Pears and Salmon!

WOW! Just got the notification that I got accepted to Issaquah Salmon Days art fair in October, good thing I have rain gear! ;-D  Should be fun! I’ll see if I can develop some salmon themed art pieces-something is fishy!!!! lol

Esther Morrison Smith & Robert Burridge

Hi all! Finishing up my visit to SLO town tonight with a gallery opening of Robert Burridge’s show “Impure Thoughts” (I love Impure Thoughts and who doesn’t, wink wink???). If you’re in SLO town check it out!

Esther Morrison Smith in Artful Vagabond

Angels in pencil and Pears-oh my! Check out my page in Serena Kovalosky’s great endeavor The Artful Vagabond!!! She has a call to artist to support and spread the goodness of art for the soul!!! Love her-and many thanks Serena!

Esther Morrison Smith art-video coming soon!

Esther Morrison Smith, camera-phobe, faced her mortal enemy today THE VIDEO CAMERA, and lived to tell the tale! The new video will appear on this website SOON! Stay tuned for more!

Return From France

I just returned from a fabulous trip to England and France. France wants me to live there. Some day, some day.

Esther Visits San Luis Obispo

Esther is currently visiting her old home area of Central California. She’s learning some new things to do with this website, including writing and posting blog articles. Keep checking back for exciting developments.

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